Design for Additive Manufacturing (DAM)

Synthèse personnelle des bonnes pratiques et conseils pour une conception orientée fabrication additive (impression 3D)

Personnal collection of best practices and guidelines to effectively design for the additive manufacturing processes (3D printing)

26 Rules to DAM (first presented during FAB 12 in Shenzen)
(more to come here)

Other relevant ressources :

Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing
The roadmap provides a snapshot of the current additive manufacturing standards landscape and identifies 89 “gaps” – 19 of them high priority – where no published standard or specification currently exists to address a particular industry need.
Among them : Gap D1 Additive VS Substractive, Gap D2 Additive Processes, Gap D3 Process-Specific Design Guidelines, Gap D4 Application-Specific Design Guidelines, Gap D5, Gap D10 Design for Assembly.

i.materialise tutorials :
3D Hub tutorials
Sculpteo tutorials

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